Saturday, May 24, 2008

new blog--again!

I keep playing around with new blog titles and this one appeals to me most. The other day at work, I was discussing the intricacies of reference work with a colleague, and she mentioned that she's not sure she could be a reference librarian for the rest of her life. I, on the other hand, really dig the desk. I mean, there are days when I feel like soaking in a Calgon bath after work in order to forget ref desk troubles, but usually I get a kick out of helping people find what they need. And sometimes there are patrons that just make the whole grind worth it. Today I helped a little girl (maybe a middle-schooler) research for her science project. She is comparing the absorbency of different toilet paper--specifically Charmin vs. Cottonelle. I managed to find her a perfect Consumer Reports article that discussed the strength and absorbency of different brands.

This is why I like the reference desk. Sometimes I get to research things like toilet paper.

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Ruth said...

Nice new site. Referencing TP, yeah, library stuff is good.