Monday, May 26, 2008

two days away from the desk and prepping for ALA Annual

I usually work six days a week, and having Memorial Day off is a two-day holiday luxury. Unfortunately, yesterday I was down all day with a migraine that my doctor is convinced isn't a real migraine. I don't get auras before having them. I do get sensitivity to light during the episode. Mainly, though, I can counteract them with a boatload of Motrin. That didn't work so well yesterday. I hung out in bed while Critter fished a bass tourney. He didn't have a good time due to circumstances out of his control, but I wasn't having a good time on the homefront, either. Basically, I chilled with the Deez and tried to keep my eyes shut.

I am trying to prepare for my trip to ALA's Annual Conference in Anaheim. I'll be working the conference as part of the Student-to-Staff program, which is pretty awesome. I have been paired with the Office for Intellectual Freedom, which is right up my alley. I need to get some decent conference clothes. I'm thinking an A-line skirt and some feminine blouses and a well-cut jacket. I know the hotels and conference center will be freezing with air-conditioning. I need to keep warm inside, and yet be able to handle 90 degree heat outside. I'm going to try to poke Critter into taking me to the outlet stores this afternoon. Never been to Cali before. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend, Brian, and to eating an In-N-Out Burger for the first time.

I promise myself that I will be a good networker while at ALA. I need to talk to people while I am there and show people how enthusiastic I am about the profession.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

new blog--again!

I keep playing around with new blog titles and this one appeals to me most. The other day at work, I was discussing the intricacies of reference work with a colleague, and she mentioned that she's not sure she could be a reference librarian for the rest of her life. I, on the other hand, really dig the desk. I mean, there are days when I feel like soaking in a Calgon bath after work in order to forget ref desk troubles, but usually I get a kick out of helping people find what they need. And sometimes there are patrons that just make the whole grind worth it. Today I helped a little girl (maybe a middle-schooler) research for her science project. She is comparing the absorbency of different toilet paper--specifically Charmin vs. Cottonelle. I managed to find her a perfect Consumer Reports article that discussed the strength and absorbency of different brands.

This is why I like the reference desk. Sometimes I get to research things like toilet paper.